Kevin Bitterman
48293 N Hiawatha Pl
Canton, SD 57013
Kevin Bitterman • 48293 N Hiawatha Pl • Canton, SD 57013
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Kevin Bitterman
48293 N Hiawatha Pl • Canton, SD 57013

About Ag Insight Solutions, LLC

Ag Insight Solutions, LLC is a full-service provider of crop insurance products and a wide array of agricultural financial consulting services. As a farmer himself, owner and founder Kevin Bitterman understands the financial risks farmers take every day with each decision they make. Not having quality information or sound advice can put your farm in an uncertain financial position. At Ag Insight Solutions we focus on providing our clients with expert crop insurance knowledge along with enhanced financial decision-making tools and professional advice. With over 20 years of experience as an agronomist, crop insurance agent, and ag finance professional, Kevin brings his attention to detail to building individualized crop insurance and financial plans directly to your farming operation. We believe in providing our farmer clients with a complete understanding of their own farm’s operational cost structure and how it impacts their financial position and risk management strategies, affording them with a valued partner that positions their farm for success. We offer unbiased financial and crop insurance advice tailored to your individual needs. Let our passion for agriculture be the key to your success.

Crop Insurance
  • Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)
  • Crop Hail Insurance
  • Private Product Enhancements
  • Recordkeeping Services
  • Crop Insurance Plans Individualized to Each Operation
Ag Financial Consulting
  • Complete Financial Consulting Packages
  • Financial Statement Compilation and Analysis
  • Cash Flow Compilation and Analysis
  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Break Even Analysis